Top 10 Reasons To Buy Local


1. Keep Our Community Unique –Locally owned businesses cater to the cultural base of the neighborhood it serves. Residents can find new adventure in a familiar environment. Where we live, shop and play is the foundation of our community. Unique businesses are vital to the diverse character of our neighborhoods.

2. Get Better Service – Local businesses tend to hire people with some knowledge of the products they are selling and provide better customer care by giving special attention to each patron they serve.

3. Reduce Environmental Impact –Locally owned businesses are usually found in thriving neighborhoods. They along with local residents are more likely to purchase local, resulting in less travel and reduced air pollutants.

4. Invest in the Community – Local business owners live in the community they serve; this lessens the possibility of moving and increases their assets in the future of the community.

5. Create More Good Jobs – Local business provide jobs for residents and are one of the largest employers nationwide.

6. Encourage Local Prosperity – research indicates that entrepreneurs and experienced workers will more likely live and invest in communities that preserve the characteristics of locally owned businesses.

7. Put Your Taxes to Good Use – Local business anchors the neighborhood infrastructure and supports the city and county tax base. Because they don’t outsource, dollars are recycled back into the community. This adds value to the neighborhood by increasing its income.

8. Buy what you want, not what someone wants you to buy – local businesses find a need and fill it. Product selection is based on what the community wants not a “Big- Box” national sales plan. This provides the consumer a more interesting array of products and satisfies the unique needs of the neighborhood

9. Support Community Groups – Local businesses on average support non-profits at a higher rate than big businesses. They are more likely to give back to the community and encourage entrepreneurial growth.

10. Buy Local – Support Yourself – Local business strengthens the economic base of every community. A good deal of the dollars spent with local businesses is used to make purchases from other local entities – creating a domino affect that can preserve a neighborhood even in an economic slow down.